Community Guidelines

Things NOT to Do

  • Don't pitch your products, services, or schemes. Listoid is not a spam platform.
  • Don't game the system. Voting from multiple accounts will get you banned.
  • Don't post copyrighted material unless you have permission.
  • Don't vandalize lists.
  • Don't hijack lists. If the topic is "Sushi Bars", don't change it to "Fast Food".
  • Don't flip lists. If the topic is "Best Dating Sites", don't change it to "Worst Dating Sites".
  • Don't troll, flame, rant, or spam in the comment or review sections.
  • Any of the above will get you banned. Listoid has zero-tolerance for spam.

List Creation and Editing Guidelines

Listoid is a community effort. If you're adding or editing content, observe the following standards:

Proper Capitalization

  • Every word in the title should be capitalized except for particles like "a", "the", "for", etc.
  • Every sentence should start with a capital letter. Proper names should be capitalized.
  • Don't write in all-caps.


  • Every list must have a unique title.
  • Every entry within a particular list must have a unique title.
  • A moderator must approve a deleted list before its title can be re-used to start another list.


  • List and entry titles should be unique, specific, and clear.
  • Start the title off with an adjective to let users know what they're voting towards. Example:"Worst Science Fiction Movies".
  • Common adjectives: Best, Top, Greatest, Hottest, Coolest, Worst, Funniest, etc.
  • Good lists are specific. Instead of "Best Movies" try "Best Science Fiction Movie Sequels".
  • Before making a list, run a few searches to make sure it doesn't already exist.
  • Short, pithy titles are preferred.
  • Titles should not use punctuation like periods, exclamation points, or question marks.


  • Every list requires a description.
  • Good descriptions are concise and objective. Personal opinion belongs in the comments.
  • Not all entries require descriptions. Video and audio entries might not warrant them.
  • End each sentence with a proper punctuation mark (usually a period).


  • Lists are a lot more fun when you add colorful images.
  • Images for entries are optional, but greately preferred.
  • Nobody likes grainy pictures. Use high-resolution, uncompressed images.
  • Be consistent with image size. Lists look much better when entries have similar-sized images.


  • Every list requires a thumbnail.
  • Good thumbnails instanlty symbolize their topic. An image of a grill is ideal for a BBQ list.


  • Lists belong in the most appropriate sub-category available.
  • If a list is relevant to more than one category, place it in the most appropiate one.
  • If a list doesn't fit into any sub-category, add it to the most relevant top-level category.
  • Avoid placing lists directly into top-level categories.

Factual Lists

  • Factual lists order items by numerical metric, like "Tallest Building in the World".
  • Use Factual Lists to model scientifically verifiable data such as "Fastest Animals".
  • Do not make factual lists about matters of opinion, like "Greatest Actors of All Time".

Advice for Editors

  • Add to a list if you have something that genuinely makes it better.
  • Edit typos, awkward wording, and grammar/punctuation errors as you spot them.
  • Re-crop images or replace low-quality images with sharper ones.
  • Reword vague titles so folks are clear on what their votes mean.
  • Respect the original author's intent, otherwise start your own list.
  • Remove obviously copyrighted material.
  • Report spam, or delete it if you have permission.