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Listoid = Lists + Wiki + Voting

User created lists of everything. One place to discover and vote up the best of the web.

  • Lists: Easy-to-browse format; distills content down to its core
  • Wiki: 100% community-developed; friendly interface
  • Voting: Mass-scale voting tracks community opinion

Another Bookmarking Site?

No! Bookmarking sites are all about news and topics of week. Listoid is about creating eternally useful/interesting lists. Listoid combines the best of top-ten lists, Wikipedia, and social bookmarking.

How Are Lists Useful?

When you run a search, you often just want a collection (or list) of the best things of a certain type. And instead of store-fronts and articles, you want to see discussion and honest opinion. Lists provide just that.

How is Listoid Voting Different?

Because lists never drop out with time, votes accumulate like on no other site. Soon enough, popular lists start to track community opinion.

What Sorts of Lists?

Any topic you can imagine, from broad to narrow, to pop-cultural, to scientific:

You can even create factual list like:

How Does it Work?

Browse and vote on lists anytime. Register to create your own lists or modify others'. Creating a new list takes a couple of clicks. Registered users can comment on lists, leave product reviews, save favorites, earn reputation points, and unlock achievements. See the Full Overview.


Front-end: Leo Gura

Back-end: Philip Gura

Marketing: Alex McGhee

Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane